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PT. Kabelindo Murni Tbk.
« on: August 13, 2013, 01:23:50 PM »

PT. Kabelindo Murni Tbk.

PT. Kabelindo Murni Tbk. Wire & Cable Manufacturer, a leading wire & cable industry in Indonesia traces its roots to the founding of PT. Kabel Indonesia (KABELINDO), a foreign-owned company as one of the first cable manufactures in Indonesia. In 1979, the company ownership was transferred to Indonesians and the name was changed to PT. Kabelindo Murni as it is knows today. The company went public in 1992 and remains listed at the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX).

As the company business line is to produce wires, cables and cable accessories for all types of applications, PT. Kabelindo Murni Tbk. has been recognized as one leading cable manufacturer in Indonesia with a reputable quality and customer service.

Today, KABELINDO brand for all wires and cables produced by PT. Kabelindo Murni Tbk. has been admitted as one of most respected cable brands in domestic market.


To become a strategic business partner in power and telecommunication sector in Indonesia.


To produce high quality cables in enhancing power and telecommunication cable development to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
To develop human resources who have integrity and competencies as the key success factor to operate efficiently and productively.
To achieve Company net profit and to maintain positive cash flow.

Our Values


We Build A tranparent environtment to create non-bureautic governance.

We cpllaborate to keep the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity.

We Believe that through integrity and confidence in our business, we will achieve customer satisfaction.

Added Value
We gather all expertise in a way to retain sustainable corporate growth.

Board Of Commissioners

Purnawan Eko Handoko

D.N Adnyana

Board Of Directors
Surya Adiwijaya Soepono

Tan Robert Tanto

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